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About Us

Furniture Wholesale Plus in Nashville, we specialize in cutting through the smoke and mirrors of the furniture purchasing experience. We don't spend money on elaborate advertising campaigns or fancy showrooms, nor do we try to bowl you over with fancy gimmicks, or baffle you with ridiculous claims. The fact is, you can get the same furniture we offer just about any furniture store, and we know it! However, because of our extremely low overhead, we can offer it to you for less--usually much, much less than the big box corporate stores. What we offer is always brand new, name brand goods in all the latest styles and fabrics, covered by full manufacturers warranty. Ask yourself this question: Would you rather pay for the sizzle????? or the STEAK????

No one will work harder than we will to find the perfect financing for your particular situation or budget while simultaneously offering you the best price. We offer the very best terms available, regardless of your credit situation. No smoke--no mirrors--just a hard working , locally owned Furniture store in Nashville anxious to earn your trust as a customer.